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Why do I need to see a specialist for my root canal?

Some general dentists will do the easier root canals and some general dentists prefer to concentrate on hygiene, crowns, bridges and other general dental problems. An Endodontist has gone through the General Dentistry education and then gone on for specialty training of an additional two years. We see patients who have the difficult cases or the patients who need the expertise that only a specialist can offer.

Root canal has a "terrible reputation", right?

We have heard some horror stories from patients that do not seek out an Endodontist for their root canal. In many of those cases, we find ourselves retreating the root canal that was done poorly originally. There is no reason why root canal should be a "horror story" if done by a licensed Endodontist who has been educated and trained to perform this service for you.

Will it hurt?

Again, we are here to help you and to save your tooth. We will be sure you are very numb with local anesthesia. We work under the surgical operating microscope so that we find all the canals your tooth may have. We want to perform the best possible root canal and give you the best possible experience.

Will my insurance pay for it?

Dental insurance will cover a portion, up to 100%, for root canal if your individual contract allows for it. You must read your dental benefit coverage contract to be sure. We are participating with many dental insurance carriers and you may only have a copay. See the information in our site about what dental plans we are participating with.

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